Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The Company has engaged remarkable success in the importation & distribution of fertilizers like UREA ,CAN,DAP & other grades across the country.

Besides its own warehouse & transports division, the Company has several branches across the country selling only MeTL “mo” fertilizers exclusively.

The company is well renowned for its quality products in strong attractive packaging at the very best competitive prices. The company sells all its fertilizers in their brand name “mo” and the same endorsed on the fertilizer bag. The “mo” logo has become a prime choice of not only the small farmers but also the major institutions/plantations countrywide.


MeTL Agro Tractors & Implements ltd, a member of the MeTL (Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd) group of companies. We METL Agro Tractors & implements ltd, have been striving to do our bit for the agricultural development of this Country over last few years in the field of Agricultural production, commodities, Fertilizers, Agricultural Tractors and Implements.


In our endeavour to reduce human drudgery in our agriculture production system, we introduced TAFE Tractors, worlds no 1 Tractor manufacturing company as our channel partner and set up the Tractorisation programme throughout the country. We assemble Tractors ranging from 45hp to 80hp rating for different requirements and soil conditions.

All the tractor models are tropicalised to best fit the Tanzanian soil conditions. A large and committed team provides reliable technical and after sales service across the nation. To complement our TAFE Tractors, we also offer a wide spectrum of high quality farming implements such as Three Disc Plough, Four Disc Ridger, and Twenty Disc Harrow which provides superior performance in all types of soils.